2019 New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping

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After an indulgent holiday season and overdoing it a bit with New Year’s Eve foods, it’s natural to feel like a change is in order. However, extreme overhauls in New Years Resolutions usually don’t last that long. It’s better to take a moderate approach and stick to a few lifestyle changes that are achievable for the log-term.

Recruit a workout buddy

The struggles you encounter when trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle are definitely made easier when you have a friend to call up for support, whether it’s about getting to the gym or staying on track with a meal plan.

Get some more Z’s

Did you know that you tend to consume extra calories when you’re short on sleep? A recent study shows that lack of sleep leads to intake of 385 more calories than normal the following day.

Boost your broccoli intake

If “yuck” is still your response to this green veg, you definitely haven’t tried the Chicken and Broccoli at 720 Fusion Fresh. Broccoli is high in fiber, promotes memory retention and fights inflammation.

Cook with healthy oils

Healthy fats are extremely important. Avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are all good ways to include a little in your diet.

Drink more tea

We already know about the many health benefits of drinking tea—antioxidants and fat-burning to name a few—but did you know you can use the bags to add complex flavor to your food? Tea-infused treats, for the win!

Bolster your immune system

Fight off flu season by loading up on ingredients that can keep you from getting sick. Plenty of citrus, peppers, and greens will help you stay healthy so you’ll continue to kill your resolutions.

Skip the soda

Think you’re being smart by drinking Diet Coke? Think again. Turns out, soda drinks may have increase your risk of stroke and dementia, plus the stuff does horrible things to your insides.

Drink way more water

Lack of water can do way more damage than dry mouth. Read up on the many surprising signs you’re dehydrated and get to chugging that H20. Infused waters might inspire you to drink more—just make sure you’re doing it correctly.

720 Fusion Fresh

Come and visit us today and discover all the flavors of Asian Fusion Cuisine in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We have a menu full of healthy options to help you stay on track in 2019!

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