The Best Foods to Eat During the Spring Season

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Spring’s natural energy is to lighten up and move forward, shaking off the deep, slumbering and contemplative state of winter and the foods of spring perfectly support this. They give the body a break from the heavier and fattier foods of winter. It’s time to get up and go. This is also one of the best times of year to do a cleanse or an appropriate fast.

Tips for Spring Eating

Simplify your food preparation–Unless you are treating a specific pattern this is the time of year to simplify your food preparation. Move to steamed vegetables and quicker cooked foods. Yes, soups are still appropriate move them to clearer broths with less meat or lentils and add the vegetables in at the last or at the table. Raw foods stimulate the Liver and can be used by those who are in good health.

Spring is a fantastic time to reset your food boundaries.

Adjust your fats–Yes, we need fat, but likely you may have been over indulging through the winter months. Gall Bladder and Liver are the organs corresponding to the spring season and they easily become overly congested and burned by excess fats. Trimming your daily intake or even going without for a few days can work wonders. Also, make sure to include healthier fats like olive oil and grape seed oil.

Move out the chemicals, processed and refined foods–It’s all about clearing. The more these foods are out of the diet the less work the Liver has to do with cleaning.

Spring Foods

Sprouts–Spring’s little powerhouses. Sprouts possess all the energetic and nutrient potential of the plant they will become. Easy to digest, possessing little if any fats they are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Add them to salads, toss them into stir fry or add them soups at the last minutes. Try a variety too! Alfalfa, mung bean, sunflower sprouts…oh–yum!

Young greens–Beet greens, dandelion, arugula, baby lettuce, watercress, bok choi, spinach, all the baby greens are beautiful for the Liver and Gall Bladder. The fiber contained in leaves also clears the Colon of excess phlegm that makes it hard for our bodies to regulate blood sugar, drop weight and clear toxins.

Spring vegetables and herbs–Just beautiful. Peas, beets, radishes, fiddle fern, nettles, watercress, asparagus, wheat grass and barley grass. The pungent herbs are some of the first foods to appear in the garden too like sorrel and chicory. Chlorophyll foods are essential for Blood health.

Spring meats–Try to keep animal proteins down for a while or reduce your intake. A little chicken, lamb and small fish are good spring foods.

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